"I bought a condominium in Edinborough with the help of this program. Not only that, as a mortgage originator, I have recommended the program to several buyers who have taken advantage of its many benefits." -Mary Kay M.
"The Edina Housing Foundation provides a wonderful opportunity wish the 2nd Mortgage Program. It has made Edina living an affordable option for hundreds of buyers -- I am one." -Jim G

Frequently asked questions

Who is the program for?

Anyone, really. Are you an Edina teacher, police officer or firefighter and want to live in the community in which you work? Do you have a young family, but felt Edina living was out of reach? Maybe you grew up in Edina and want to move back? Maybe you don't like the commute to your office job? These are just a few of the many, many people for whom the program was created.

Is this a City of Edina program?

No. This program was founded and is sponsored by the East Edina Housing Foundation, also known as the Edina Housing Foundation.

What is the Edina Housing Foundation?

The Edina Housing Foundation (EHF) is a non-profit corporation that provides financial assistance to Edina home buyers in an effort to attract new families to the Edina community.

Why was this fund established?

The truth is, a 2010 census identified that over 20% of Edina homeowners are over 65 years of age. It's time to begin attracting younger families to Edina and this generous 2 nd mortgage program was created to do just that.

Aren't the taxes in Edina really high?

No. Edina taxes are actually lower than surrounding communities.